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Angel Hair For Kids

I’ve sure alot of you’s heard about cancer.. what it does, what it causes..

But you know what the most horrible thing is?

When a kid.. a young kid, gets cancer, and has to miss a great part of his or her life due to this disease.. ):

Its a really sad thing..

And i was thinking.. Looking around recently, and I found this awesome charity that donates wigs to kids with cancer

It costs around $800 - $1000 each to make a wig and make a personal special kit to give to the child with the wig

So they’re not just getting a wig, but probably, care package for the wig?

I think its really awesome though, cuz then, with these wigs, they could go on with their normal days and not have to put up with questions like.. “why are you bald?” “What happened to your hair?” which is alot for a kid to go through when they last thing they want to be thinking about all day is their cancer.. :/

So I thought, since my hair is pretty long already, undied, and pretty healthyy (meets all their requirements) i’m gonna donate it :)

There’s other ways to help too

Hair has to be 30 cm (or 10 inches) long to donate

There could also be money donations

since it takes a total of $800 - $1000 to make each wig for each child, a money donation can also go a long way

It takes around 6 ponytails, they say, at least, to make one wig

so no matter how u choose to donate, Hair or Money, every bit WILL help towards a wig (:

I kinda believe every child should get the chance to live play, and enjoy their childhood while they can.. 

so if u believe that too!

click on this link and check out how to help!

And there are other charities too, but this one kinda caught my eye.. :)

^ list of all possible charities within Canada that you can donate to :)

[i keep on accidently deleting this.. :s That’s why i’ve reposted this so much D:] 

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